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The Walsingham Archives websites were created to provide a way of accessing our history through documents, photographs and artefacts. We hope that together they will give present and future generations of pilgrims, especially those who never knew Walsingham in Father Patten's lifetime, a picture of how it all started, what pilgrimage was like in those days and how it and the buildings have changed over nearly a hundred years.
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Welcome to the history of the restored Shrine from its archives
The old website has been divided into four parts. This one contains most of the old site. History hasn’t changed and it’s all here, slightly revised and updated where necessary. The other sites are [Our Lady’s Mirror] We believe that all the facts on these sites are accurate, and that we have used the most reliable sources and witnesses. If anything jars with your own knowledge or recollection, please do contact the honorary archivist (as below) so that together we can get the record straight for posterity.
Father Alfred Hope Patten, Restorer of the Shrine
A 1930s photograph, looking up Holt Road, with Stella Maris Hospice (now House) on right. A photograph taken at the same time, from the other direction, is on the Sisters’ page.
Fr Alfred Hope Patten Restorer of the Shrine Master of the Guardians
TO CONTACT THE HONORARY ARCHIVIST PLEASE USE olwarchives [at] or write ℅ The College, Walsingham NR22 6EF marking the envelope ‘Please Forward’