from Rodney Warriner & Michael Yelton, Martin Travers 1886-1948 An Appreciation, pp 196-7

Travers was also asked to design a memorial to Fr Eyden's mother at Walsingham. He produced a design for the Chapel of the Seven Sorrows [Our Lady of Sorrows], which is actually outside the main shrine buildings and forms part of the Via Dolorosa. The Chapel, which is an extremely confined space, contains a small altar, the frontal of which has teardrops on a black background, and a bas-relief of Our Lady as Mater Dolorosa in the place of the reredos ... Unfortunately the interior of the chapel suffers the effect of damp and wet because it is often open to the elements.

It is interesting that Travers did so little at Walsingham, which was in many ways the culmination of the Back to Baroque Movement. The only work by him there is the chapel [above], a rood placed at the top of the [north] staircase in the main shrine, next to the altar of the Coronation of Our Lady, in memory of Mary Pyle-Bridges, which had been left in his workshop when he died, and also possibly a large crucifix to a similar design to that at Quainton Hall which is in one of the guest rooms [the Green Room in Stella Maris House]. It may be that Father Hope Patten preferred to employ Milner & Craze as architects because of personal connections; it may also be that he disapproved of Travers' agnosticism and irregular (by his standards) personal life.

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