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Translation Anniversaries

how the October anniversaries were recorded in Our Lady's Mirror

Thursday, October 15th 1931
read Fr Patten's description of the day of the Translation in Our Lady's Mirror, Autumn Number, 1931; read other descriptions here.

Saturday, October 14th 2006
the day of celebration in Walsingham was described fully in the Walsingham Review no. 139, Advent 2006

1931 pictures
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The Translation procession leaving the parish church on its way to the new Shrine on October 15th 1931

The Translation procession leaving the parish church on its way to the new Shrine on October 15th 1931

The translation procession, October 15th 1931

Sir William Milner, holding the candle, was one of the chief benefactors of the Shrine

nuns in the procession
nuns in the procession

the image of Our Lady entering the new Shrine

the image of Our Lady entering the new Shrine

The Translation anniversary was not mentioned in Our Lady's Mirror every year
1932 "The first anniversary of the Translation, as the opening of the Shrine has generally come to be called, was observed with a Triduum, or three days of prayer, kept simultaneously in the parish church, and at the same time in the Holy House. This was no small undertaking for a small village. On October 15th, the actual anniversary of the Translation, the first Children's pilgrimage came to the Holy House."
1935 "Tuesday, October 15th, was the fourth Anniversary of the Translation of the Image of Our Lady from the Parish Church and the opening of the re-erected Holy House."
1939 "October 15th was the eighth anniversary of the blessing and opening of the reconstructed Holy House. What a wonderful day that was, in one sense far more than June 6th last year. As the 15th was a Sunday, the commemoration was transferred to Monday, 16th. There could be no pilgrimage, as it was so different from former years. However, the Administrator sang Mass in the Pilgrimage Church, at 10 o’clock, after which a visit was made to the Holy House, when Te Deum and the Salve were sung. Only thirty people were able to assist."
1947 "October the 15th, the sixteenth anniversary of the opening of the new buildings, or, as we call it locally, “The Translation of Our Lady of Walsingham”, was observed as a High Day at the Shrine. Solemn Benediction was given on the Eve, and High Mass was sung on the day itself – when a large number of people from the village, who are devoted to Our Lady of Walsingham, assisted."
1952 "We do hope all who possibly can will come to the Birthday Pilgrimage of the Holy House on October 14th-15th, and that at least every parish which has a cell, or from which pilgrims come, and those who have benefited by the prayers of Our Lady of Walsingham, will either come themselves or send representatives. Do not forget the day pilgrimage on October 15th, or for those who can spare more time, the 14th and 15th. As stated in the last Mirror it is proposed to have a torchlight procession to St Mary's on the 14th, and a return at mid-day followed by a High Mass on the 15th etc. There has been a proposal that there should be an all-night watch on the 14th-15th." (Spring Number) Read the long description in the Autumn Number. Photographs. Legend has it that Fr Patten made a great observance of this 'birthday', as he called it, as he felt that he might not live to see the Silver Jubilee in 1956.
1953 "The last pilgrimage fixture for the year was held on Saturday, October 17th, led by Father Hall from Norwich. The rain teemed down most of the day and so we think they must have agreed that late autumn and winter are not the best season for taking the pilgrimage road."
1956 The long description of the 1956 jubilee celebrations can be read by clicking here.
1957 "Today the twenty-sixth anniversary of the Translation of Our Lady of Walsingham to the rebuilt Shrine of the Holy House (October 15th) dawned rather mistily and like any other lovely autumn morning, but soon the sun broke through and we are enjoying a glorious October day. High Mass was sung in the Pilgrimage Church followed by a visit to the Holy House which was beautifully decorated with flowers and lights, and this evening we are hoping to have Benediction and Te Deum to thank God for the gift of our Heavenly Mother and all the graces and other favours she has procured for us by her prayers."
There was no mention of the Translation anniversary in OLM in 1958: the autumn issue was taken up with memorials to Fr Patten, who died on August 11th.
The Walsingham Review (which superseded the Mirror) is not yet on the website, but the report of the 1981 jubilee celebrations can be read by clicking here.
Three sermons preached at the time of the 1991 jubilee celebrations can be read here.

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