the seal of the medieval priory
photographs of the Sisters in Walsingham,
and their buildings
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in the large processions shown below some of the nuns would have been visitors
in the Translation procession 1931
in the 1938 procession at the opening of the Shrine Church
15 October 1952
in Fr Patten's funeral procession
15 Oct 1952: Sister Julian, Mother Margaret, Sister Barbara
13 August 1958: in Fr Patten's funeral procession
Two views of the back of Stella Maris, where the first Sisters lived: a nun is seen standing at the door in the right picture
(a contemporary photograph of the front of the building is shown on the Sisters' page)
the first hut chapel: The Chapel of Our Lady of Pity; after 1931 the Sisters used the Holy House; their next chapel was in the new Shrine Church in what is now the upper Sacristy and was called the Chapel of the Sacred Heart
the first hut chapel
the new convent
the new convent

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