the seal of the medieval priory
the Second Refectory 1967-2000
the modern logo

These pictures were probably taken soon after the opening.
secondrefectory entrance
second refectory
where the Milner Wing now is: in the picture on the right, the windows in the distance on the left are the windows of the old 1950s accommodation next to the archway which was demolished to make way for the new Milner Wing - the refectory was not joined to that building as it might appear here; on the outside of the building (left picture) was the pilgrim symbol of the shell of St James Compostella (given by Shell Oil), now placed on the present refectory (photographs below).
view through the archway
seen through the entrance door
view through the archway (now the Brandie Gate)
seen through the entrance door
inside the refectory
at the far end of the refectory
inside the refectory: the entrance door was at the extreme left of the left-hand picture; ; the right-hand picture shows the far end;
a 1994 photograph of the Gabriel weather-vane shows the refectory in the background from above, giving an idea of where it stood
other photographs
present refectory showing shell
close-up of the shell from the second refectory
the shell from the second refectory (top left picture) now placed on the third