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Following the revamp of the website and the index launched on 6 April 2010 there can now be found photographs linking directly from many entries in the Index.

The main website pages for groups of old pictures of Walsingham are:

Unidentified Early Groups This was the first photographic page when the website was created. Since then most of the 'unidentified' have become identified and now appear on other appropriate pages. This page will be adjusted in due course to show only those photographs for which we still need help. Thumbnails link to full-screen size.
1927 Photographs Some early photographs of Walsingham that came to light in 2007. Thumbnails link to full-screen size.
Guardians' Gallery 77 pictures of Guardians.
Groups of Guardians 3 group photographs of Guardians 1955, 2006 & 2011, with a smaller gathering at York 2010.
Fr Patten's Photograph Album 1931 Fr Patten's own photographs of the gradual rise of the Holy House and covering chapel from June to October 1931: there are two web pages of photographs.
Translation Photographs 1931 The Shrine's archive photographs of Translation day, and others of the time. Thumbnails link to full-screen size.
Fr Patten's Photograph Albums 1938 Fr Patten's own photographs of the building of the Shrine Church, February-November 1937. The second album is not complete, possibly indicating that he took no more photographs rather than that a third album has been lost. NB There are four web pages in all covering these two albums.
The Pearson Albums 1938 High quality photographs of the completed Shrine Church, the grounds and the village, taken by The Revd K A Pearson, 1938, and given to the Shrine.
Photographs of the day of the opening of the Shrine Church 1938
The Shrine's archive photographs of the day of the opening of the Shrine Church, and others of the time. Thumbnails link to full-screen size.
Outdoor photographs 1938 photographs taken outside the completed Shrine Church.
The Sisters in Walsingham Early pictures of the Sisters in Walsingham and of individuals link from this page.
St Hilary's Another page of photographs link from here.
Translation Anniversary 1952
photographs of the processions through the village.
Fr Patten: 11 and 13 August 1958 and 11 August 2008
Photographs taken at his last service and on the day of his funeral, and some taken by Graham Howard on the fiftieth anniversary on 11 August 2008.
Enid Chadwick's work Links to pages showing examples of her work are given in this Index entry.
video records
Lists of videos and films relating to Walsingham so far known.
and don't forget Graham Howard's Photo Gallery for photographs of Shrine events during the previous twelve months (go to the main Shrine site and click on 'Shrine Photo Gallery' in the right-hand panel. After each event Graham gives a disc of the set of photographs to the archives for permanent preservation.

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