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National Pilgrimage details from 1959
taken from copies of the programmes in the archives:
there are several gaps, as seen below: if anyone can send a photocopy of a missing programme (asterisked), or even donate a copy, please contact us

THIS LIST IS NOT YET COMPLETE: it is being compiled from the old programmes and the Review: contributions and corrections welcomed
18 May 1959
not specified
Fr Colin Stephenson (Administrator)
Centenary of the Church Union
1960* Fr Alan Roe Fr Trevor Huddleston, CR  
22 May 1961   Fr Francis Dalby, SSJE Thanks for the foundation and restoration of England's Shrine of the Incarnation
11 June 1962 Bishop of Thetford Canon Vivan Peterson (Ohio, USA) To affirm Faith in the historic Episcopate
1963*   Bishop of Crediton That the Holy Spirit may use the [Second Vatican] Council in Rome to heal divided Christendom
1964* Bishop of Lynn Fr Augustine Hoey, CR  
7 June 1965
not specified
Bishop of Southwark (Mervyn Stockwood)
The Conversion of England
1966*   Bishop of Willesden (Graham Leonard)  
29 May 1967
not specified
Metropolitan Athenagras II
Unity of Eastern & Western Christendom
3 June 1968
not specified
Bishop of Peterborough
Peace of the World
26 May 1969
not specified
Bishop of Lynn
Peace and Justice among Nations and Races
25 May 1970*
not specified
Bishop of Stepney (Trevor Huddleston, CR)
Peace and Justice among Nations and Races
31 May 1971
Bishop of Lynn
Bishop of Birmingham (Leslie Brown)
Peace and Justice among Nations and Races
29 May 1972
not specified
Bishop of Norwich (Maurice Wood)
Jubilee (50th anniversary of setting up of the Statue)
28 May 1973   Bishop of Moray, Ross and Caithness (George Sessford)  
27 May 1974   Canon ffrench-Beytagh (formerly Dean of Johannesburg) Racial Harmony throughout the World
26 May 1975   Bishop of Llandaff Sanctification of our national family life
31 May 1976 Bishop of Lynn (Aubrey Aitken) Bishop of Manchester (Patrick Rodger) God's Love
6 June 1977 not specified Bishop of Chichester (Eric Kemp)
Queen and Country
29 May 1978
not specified
Bishop Michael Ramsey
Church and Home
28 May 1979
not specified
Bishop Alan Clark, Bishop of East Anglia
Catholic Renewal
26 May 1980 The Archbishop of Canterbury (Robert Runcie) The Archbishop of Canterbury (Robert Runcie)
The Spread of the Gospel
25 May 1981
Bishop of Chichester (Eric Kemp)
Bishop of Wakefield (Colin James)
Reconciliation of Christians
30August 1982 Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe Abbot of Nashdom The Union of Churches
1982 date changed because of the Papal Visit to the UK in May
30 May 1983
Bishop of London (Graham Leonard)
Bishop of Leicester (Richard Rutt)
150th Anniversary of the Oxford Movement
28 May 1984
Bishop David Hand (formerly Archbishop of Papua New Guinea)
Bishop of Kensington (Mark Santer)
27 May 1985 Bishop of Moray, Ross and Caithness Bishop of Sheffield

The Shrine's ministry to the Sick and Handicapped

26 May 1986 Bishop of Wakefield (David Hope) Bishop of London (Graham Leonard)
The Shrine's witness to the Incarnation
25 May 1987 Bishop of Norwich (Peter Nott) Bishop of Portsmouth (Timothy Bavin)
Mary: Mother of the Church
30 May 1988 Bishop of Chichester (Eric Kemp) Fr Augustine Hoey, CR
Mary: Mother in the Home at Nazareth
29 May 1989 Bishop of Norwich (Peter Nott) Bishop of Fulham (John Klyberg)
Mary: Mother of God
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28 May 1990 Bishop of London (Graham Leonard) Bishop of Blackburn (Alan Chesters)
Mary: Mother of Divine Hope
27 May 1991 Bishop of Edmonton (Brian Masters) Archdeacon of Leicester (David Silk) Mary: Queen of Peace
25 May 1992 Bishop of London (David Hope)
Bishop of London (David Hope)
Mary: Queen of Apostles
31 May 1993 Bishop of Edmonton (Brian Masters) Bishop of Sodor and Man (Noel Jones)
The Visitation of Our Lady
30 May 1994 Bishop of Fulham (John Klyberg) Canon Christopher Colven (Master of the Guardians)
Family Life
29 May 1995 not specified Fr John Gribben, CR
Peace and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland
27 May 1996 The Archbishop of York (David Hope) The Archbishop of York (David Hope) The Spread of the Gospel
26 May 1997 Bishop of Chichester (Eric Kemp) Bishop of The Windward Islands (Sehon Goodridge)
Thanksgiving for all who have brought the Christian Faith to these Islands
25 May 1998 Bishop of Sodor and Man (Noel Jones) Canon Peter Atkinson (Chancellor of Chichester Cathedral) Called by the Gospel
31 May 1999 Provincial Assistant Bishop in Wales (David Thomas) Bishop of Sheffield (Jack Nicholls) Repentance and Renewal
29 May 2000 The Archbishop of York (David Hope) Canon Peter Cobb (Master of the Guardians) God-with-Us
2001: cancelled because of the Foot and Mouth crisis
3 June 2002 Bishop of Sodor and Man (Noel Jones) Bishop of Horsham (Lindsay Urwin)
Thanks be to God
26 May 2003 Bishop of Blackburn (Alan Chesters) Bishop of Quincy (Keith Ackerman)
Holy is His Name
31 May 2004 Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe (Geoffrey Rowell) The Archbishop of Canterbury (Rowan Williams)
The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
30 May 2005 Bishop of Blackburn (Nicholas Reade) Vicar of Nazareth (The Rev'd Samuel Barboum)
Mary: Herald of Justice
29 May 2006 Bishop of Pontefract (Tony Robinson) Brother Paschal SSF
House of God, Gate of Heaven
28 May 2007
Provincial Assistant Bishop in Wales (David Thomas) The Rev'd Andrew Sloane (Rector of St Paul's, K Street, Washington DC) Mary the Evangelist
Anyone who was at the 2007 National will never forget it. Although terribly disappointing for many, the limitations of the rain-soaked day (which had been preceded by days of near-continuous downpour) brought people together on a level that a large outdoor pilgrimage cannot. Who will forget St Mary's packed to its limit (and beyond) for the repeated Masses, and the Benedictions going on in the Shrine church throughout the afternoon. Apart from the 'Foot and Mouth' year in 2001, this was the first cancellation of the Procession since 1946 (see Our Lady's Mirror Summer 1946).
26 May 2008* Bishop of Chichester (John Hind) Bishop of Plymouth (John Ford) Mary for Everyone
25 May 2009 Bishop Alan Chesters Bishop Lindsay Urwin OGS (Administrator) House of Mercy
31 May 2010 Bishop of Whitby (Martin Warner) Bishop of Stafford (Peter Mursell) House of Glory
30 May 2011 Bishop of Pontefract (Tony Robinson) Bishop of Whitby (Martin Warner) 1061 and all That!
4 June 2012 Bishop of Beverley (Martyn Jarrett) Bishop of Exeter (Michael Langrish) With Mary be a 'workshop' for the Lord
27 May 2013 Bishop of Chichester (Martin Warner) The Archbishop of York (John Sentamu) With Mary give Him your heart
26 May 2014      

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