the seal of the medieval priory
Guardians' South Side Stalls

The lists below are reproduced from what is on each Guardian's stall in the Shrine Church, except that the dates of death have been omitted here. There are obvious inconsistencies in some of the early dates, and we know that these lists are incomplete: the latest changes are not yet listed here.
S Hugh John Braithwaite, 1970-95
Barbara Anne Marlow, 1997
S Gabriel

Roy Fellows, priest, 1974-99; Administrator, 1987-93
Philip North, priest, 2000; Administrator, 2002

S Thomas John Upcott, 1950-62
Arthur Smallwood, 1936-37
Arthur Bowker, 1931-50
James Barwell, 1961
Peter Cobb, priest, 1986-96
Christopher Colven, priest, 1996-2001
Andrew Mitcham, priest, 2002
S Wilfrid William Milner, bt, 1931-60
George Long, 1931-60
John Banson, 1931; [Guardian] Emeritus, 1978
Peter Dixon, 1977-2001
Betty Jarrett, 2003
S Francis Niall, Duke of Argyll, 1931-49
John Twisaday, priest, 1941-71
Douglas Carter, priest, 1972-83
Christopher Colven, priest, 1985; Administrator, 1981-87
David Hope, bishop, 1993; [Guardian] Emeritus 2006
Lindsay Urwin, bishop, OGS 2006; Administrator 2009
S Curé d'Ars Harford Lury, 1931-40
John Lester Biddulph Pinchard, priest, 1940-56
Edwin Crusha, priest, 1954; [Guardian] Emeritus, 1991
Martin Clive Warner, priest, 1993; Administrator, 1993-2002
Peter Cobb, priest, 2006-2009; [Guardian] Emeritus 2009-2010
Graeme Rowlands, priest, 2009
S Columba Gerald Vernon, bishop, 1935-63
T Bishell Anderson, priest, 1962-78
David Hope, priest, 1978-82
Colin Gill, priest, 1982; [Guardian] Emeritus 1983
Denys Lloyd, priest, CR, 1986-90
Charles John Klyberg, bishop, 1991-97
Jeremy Sheehy, priest, 1997
All Saints Reginald Kingdon, priest, 1931-49; [Guardian] Emeritus, 1949-55
Claude Powell, canon, 1931-52
Colin Stephenson, priest, 1953-58
Philip Husbands, priest, 1958; [Guardian] Emeritus, 1983
M R Channon, 1987-92
John Sayer Downing, 1993
S Cuthbert Mowbray O'Rorke, bishop, 1931-53
Colin Gill, priest, 1953-58
Dick Chamberlin, priest, 1959-70
Derek Allen, priest, 1970-91
William Charlton, priest, 1992-2001
Kevin Smith, priest, 2002-2009
Howard Stoker, priest, 2011
Our Lady Alfred Hope Patten, priest, Master, 1931-58
Colin Stephenson, priest, Master, 1958-73
Colin Gill, priest, Master, 1973-82
David Hope, priest (bishop 1985), Master, 1982-93
Christopher Colven, priest, Master, 1993-96
Peter Cobb, priest, Master, 1996-2006
Martin Warner, bishop 2010, Master, 2006

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