the seal of the medieval priory
Guardians' North Side Stalls

The lists below are reproduced from what is on each Guardian's stall in the Shrine Church, except that the dates of death have been omitted here. There are obvious inconsistencies in some of the dates, and we know that these lists are incomplete: the latest changes are not yet listed here.
S Laurence John, Baron Norton, 1967-93
Bernard Holdridge, priest, 1997-2010; [Guardian] Emeritus 2010
Brian Bell, priest, 2012
S Augustine Charles Smith, canon, 1966; Administrator 1968-72
Alan Carefull, priest, Administrator 1972-80
John Gribben, priest, CR, 1993
S Hilary Hubert, Baron Norton, 1935-61
Patrick, Master of Lauderdale, 1954; Earl, 1968; [Guardian] Emeritus 1982
John Selwyn Gummer, 1983-2001
Ruth Ward 2003
S Clare John Shaw, bt, 1931; [Guardian] Emeritus 1978
Joseph, Baron Gainford, 1979; [Guardian] Emeritus 1996
Richard Mantle, 1998
S Edward Charles, Viscount Halifax, 1931-34
Eric Maclagan, KCVO CBE, 1931-51
Uvedale Lambert, 1952-83
Brian Hanson, 1984
S George Percy Maryon Wilson, bt, canon, 1935-65
Denys Prideaux, abbot OSB, 1931-34
Robin Sayer, 1962; [Guardian] Emeritus 1990
Patrick King, 1991-06; [Guardian] Emeritus 2006
Stephen Morris, 2008-2011
Andrew Roberts, 2012
S Joseph Alban Baverstock, priest, 1931-50
Raymond Raynes, priest, CR, 1949-58
Gervase Bennett, priest, 1958-76
David Diamond, canon, 1977-92
John Edmund George Ashman, priest, 1992-96
Ian Garden, 1996
S Anne Roger Wodehouse, priest, 1931-58
Humphrey Whitby, priest, 1931-48
Trevor Huddleston, priest, CR, 1959-60
Oswald Wells, priest, SSF, 1960-66
Roger Davison, canon, 1964-05; [Guardian] Emeritus 2005
Jonathan Baker 2006
S John Henry Fynes-Clinton, priest, 1931-59
Augustine Morris, abbot OSB, 1960-1980
Wilfrid Weston, abbot OSB, 1980
Stanley Smith, 1985-2000
John Booth, 2001
S Patrick Derrick Lingwood, priest, Registrar, 1931-56
Colin Stephenson, priest, Registrar, 1957-58
Colin Gill, priest, Registrar, 1958
Charles Smith, priest, Registrar, 1973-85; resigned 1986
Michael Whitehead, priest, Registrar, 1985-2009; Emeritus 2009
Kevin Smith, priest, Registrar, 2009

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