the seal of the medieval priory
The Gable Images
for details about the statue in Notre Dame see
this page on Notre Dame's website
the modern logo

on the left:
the original flat 'temporary' image
moved to the Pilgrim Hall wall in 1966,
seen here during re-carving and gilding in 1983

the west front after building showing the image

the image in place on the West Front just after completion of the Shrine and before the Translation, 1931: it was a 'temporary' measure but was not replaced until Fr Colin Stephenson's gift of the new statue in 1966

plaque at end of Pilgrim Hall

the plaque beneath it on the Pilgrim Hall wall (below right)

restored before remounting refurbished and remounted on the Pilgrim Hall wall
re-carved and gilded 1983 by Siegfried Pietsch refurbished and mounted on the Pilgrim Hall wall
Fr Stephenson's gift 1966 looking down on Our Lady's Guard at the National 2010 © Graham Howard

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