the seal of the medieval priory
The Society of Our Lady of Walsingham banner 1928
the modern logo

from Our Lady's Mirror Summer Quarter 1927
Requests have been made from time to time for a banner of the Society to be kept at the Shrine, and donations are solicited.
from Our Lady's Mirror Autumn Quarter 1927
It was proposed that the Society should have its own banner. Only two people have so far sent donations, but we have, however, made a start on the work, fully confident that the brethren will wake up and help.
The Banner will be of blue or green - with the figure of Our Lady of Walsingham surrounded by gold rays, at her feet the Arms of Walsingham, and below her throne SS Peter and Giles. The figures are well under way and the faces have almost been completed. S Peter is vested in a scarlet cope, carrying the book of his Epistles, and the keys, and wears his triple tiara, while S Giles is in pontificals as Abbot with his doe and arrow.
from Our Lady's Mirror Winter Number 1928 [Fr Patten always used Winter at the beginning of a year, not the end]
The banner of the Society is progressing and we hope to have a photograph of it in the next issue.
from Our Lady's Mirror Spring Number 1928
We had hoped to have given a picture of the Society's new banner; it was finished in time for Easter but so far we have not been able to obtain a good enough photograph. The banner has been made free of charge for us, and is a memorial to Miss Alice Hussey, one of the first members and a benefactress.
from Our Lady's Mirror Autumn Number 1928

Photograph postcards of the Society's banner can be had from the Church and Pilgrim Shop. [There never was a photograph in the Mirror, and the archives have never had the postcard - does anyone have one that we could copy?]

banner banner
annunciation altar banner in procession
the SOLW banner on the left of the altar of the Annunciation after 1931
(drawing by Enid Chadwick :: note the other pilgrimage banners hung over the altar)
in the National procession

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