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The Order of Our Lady of Walsingham Register
created by Enid Chadwick: extracts
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below are extracts showing examples of Enid Chadwick's work (in copyright until 31 December 2057) :: click here to see the complete Register
(new names have been added since 2014)
first page of Register
first page of Constitution
description of insignia
the first page of the Register
the first page of the Constitution
description of the insignia
picture of insignia
picture of insignia
about the insignia
her sketches of the insginia, designed by Fr W G de Lara Wilson
about the insignia
St Columba
examples of page headings, the first two showing the names of two of the original Dames invested in 1953; Fr Strachan is the longest-serving Clerk of the Order
Enid Chadwick's last page
more examples of Enid Chadwick's artwork in the page headings
her colophon on the last page

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