ground plan of the new Shrine Church 1938
apart from nos. 16, 17 and 18 the chapel pages are still under construction
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The numbers given to the chapels in this plan correspond where possible to those used in the current guide books of the Shrine as sold in the Shrine Shop.

The precise wording of the titles of the Mysteries follows that in the latest Pilgrims' Manual.

Over the last seventy years some chapels have become best known by their Mystery (e.g. The Ascension), others by their dedication (e.g. St George).

The pages on each chapel [not yet complete] will give as much detail as possible about the contents and appearance when the church opened in 1938, with photographs where available.

There will also be information on the history of each chapel in the years following, the sources being Our Lady's Mirror, The Walsingham Review, contemporary descriptions and press cuttings, and the guide books published by the Shrine and others at various times.

The fourth edition of Fr Patten's detailed Little Guide was published when the church was opened, but was revised soon afterwards into the fifth edition, which includes a ground plan.

His inventories of each chapel in 1938 will be put on the website in due course.

aerial view 2007
©Graham Howard
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