the seal of the medieval priory
The Chapel of the Sacred Heart

Fr Patten's heading in his inventory
The Sacred Heart
chapel of The Sisters, before the convent was built
from OLM Spring Number 1931
... we want all members of the Society [of OLW] to start prayers and request that the Bishop may grant us the privilege of having Holy Mass at the [soon to be built] Shrine - and this is not beyond possibility - as the outer building will serve as the Chapel for the Sisters.

from OLM Winter/Spring Number 1938
The [Blessed Sacrament] Chapel is being filled up, it will be very beautiful and occupies the most conspicuous place in the building after the High Altar. ... It is hoped that in this Chapel the Sisters will sing their Office and so free the Holy House.

Nevertheless the Sisters' Chapel was created in 1938 as the Chapel of the Sacred Heart, upstairs, in a room over the Sacristy and which is now called the Top Sacristy, behind the organ loft. In 1949 it was mentioned in OLM as needing endowment.

from OLM Spring Number 1952
The upper room, built originally for a sacristy and until recently used as the Sisters’ chapel, is now free.

[we have no firm information about where the Sisters' chapel was from then until ...]

from OLM Winter-Spring Number 1957
On February 9th the Lord Bishop of the Diocese visited Walsingham again, this time to dedicate the Convent Chapel which had just been completed. It was a very happy day for the Sisters and their numerous friends. The Bishop expressed surprise and pleasure at the speed with which the building had been put up, and reminded the congregation of his last visit when he installed the Reverend Mother. The chapel is quite large, with a beautiful stone High Altar in front of an apse. There is a small narthex at the west end.
The Sisters' first chapel, before the Holy House was built: from OLM Summer Number 1928

We are building a little oratory at the Hospice [Stella Maris] for the Sisters - the Chapel of Our Lady of Pity. The foundations are being laid and we hope to get the walls and roof on before the autumn sets in. The total interior measurements of the Chapel and its porch will be the same as the Holy House at Loreto, while the actual oratory will reproduce the exact dimensions of the Holy House or Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham. Would you like to have a finger in this work? We feel sure all the pilgrims would like to express their gratitude to the Sisters for all they have done and do for us when on pilgrimage - and here is an opportunity. The building materials cost 3/- [15p] a load. Then there will be the necessary fittings.


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