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The Chapel of the First Joyful Mystery
The Annunciation

Fr Patten's heading in his inventory
Fr Patten's heading in his inventory
St Gabriel and St Vincent
chapel of The Society of Mary, The Living Rosary and St Dominic
This altar had been in the church [also known as the Sanctuary] since 1931 as it was part of the 'Novum Opus' surrounding the Holy House.

from OLM Winter/Spring Number 1938
The Society of Mary have been offered the Altar of the Annunciation (under the Patronage of S. Gabriel the Archangel and S. Vincent, D.M.), as the Society’s Chapel at Walsingham. By accepting this, in the already built part of the Sanctuary, they have not been asked to pay for the construction of the fabric, as others have had to do, but merely to furnish the Altar. This has been done as an act of gratitude, in recognition of their zeal in promoting, from the beginning, in the old League of Our Lady days, the revival of the Walsingham pilgrimage. It is proposed to have a white stone altar, in place of the existing one, to present four candlesticks, and to have a tapestry of the Annunciation hung behind. There are already some gifts belonging to the Altar, which were presented before the Society accepted the offer, which will, of course, have to remain there.



in 1938



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