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Enid Chadwick's 1935 map (which she updated in 1963
) (in copyright until 31 December 2057)

from Our Lady's Mirror, Winter Number 1935:
"The Map depicts the roads leading to the Shrine from Houghton, Wells, Norwich and Egmere, as well as the rail road. [text continues below the picture]

Enid Chadwick's map of Walsingham 1935

S. Francis of Assisi is seen grieving over the destruction of his Friary. S. Augustine of Hippo still extends his blessing to all who visit the ruins of the Priory, once occupied by his Canons. The entrance gate will be recognised by frequenters of the village, as will also the old pump house in the Common Place. The Hospice of Our Lady and the Black Lion Hotel are also marked, so that visitors need have no difficulty in finding their hostelries, and the names of several streets are also given, so that pilgrims who are sleeping in other houses can, with the aid of their card, easily find their lodgings."

Enid Chadwick revised the map in 1963.

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