return to Our Lady's Mirror 1933 Spring & Summer & Autumn Number

This is one of the few photographs to show the Shrine from this angle in its very early days. Here we see in the background the first covering building over the Holy House before the church and the present campanile were built. The building served the same purpose as the Novum Opus of the medieval shrine. If you cannot get your bearings, look in the centre background for the castellation on the Abbey wall, which was opposite the forecourt of the Shrine, just as today.

The photograph shows the procession of the Blessed Sacrament going towards the Halifax altar in the grounds. The Stepney Scouts line the path, and the monstrance, carried by the officiant, is covered by a scarlet canopy held by four laymen. It is hard to pick out individuals but the very tall one on the left is Sir William Milner.